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    Lesson Study Step-By-Step: How Teacher Learning Communities Improve Instruction
    is a new lesson study handbook by Catherine Lewis (Mills College Lesson Study Group) and Jacqueline Hurd (Palo Alto Unified School District). It includes the DVD "How Many Seats?". The "ORDER BOOK " link below provides further information about the book contents. Published by Heinneman (2011) $31.25. The "VIDEO" link below connects to the video of schoolwide lesson study described in this book.

    ISBN 978-0-325-00964-3 / 4/13/2011 / 176pp/Paperback + DVD

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    Also by Catherine Lewis...

    Educating Hearts and Minds: Reflections on Japanese Preschool and Elementary Education by Catherine Lewis (1995) $25.00.

    "Anyone interested in rethinking American schools should consider carefully the lessons contained in this gritty book."

    Howard Gardner, Harvard University.

    "Written by a leading authority in the field, Educating Hearts and Minds is engaging, well-written, and accurate. Anyone concerned with how we educate our children will benefit by reading this book".

    James Stigler, University of California, Los Angeles.

    Educating Hearts and Minds brings to life what actually happens inside Japanese classrooms. Its thesis - which will surprise many Americans - is that Japanese schools are successful because they meet children's needs for friendship, belonging, and contribution.

    In a sharp departure from most previous accounts, this book suggests that Japanese education succeeds because all children -- not just the brightest or best-behaved -- come to feel like valued members of the school community. Ironically, Japanese teachers credit John Dewey and other progressive Western educators for many of the techniques that make the Japanese schools both caring and challenging. This books brings to Americans the voices of Japanese classroom teachers - voices that are at once deeply consonant with American aspirations and highly provocative.

    1995/ 261pp./ 9 line diagrams/ 8 tables
    0-521-45832-3 / Paperback, Cambridge University Press


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