Lesson Study Group at Mills College


New Publications

Selected Lesson Study Articles

  • Lesson Study Comes of Age in North America. Lewis, C., Perry, R., Hurd, J., & O'Connell, P. (2006). Phi Delta Kappan. December 2006, pp. 273-281. (Please inquire for link to publisher site).

  • A Lesson is Like a Swiftly Flowing River. Lewis, C. & Tsuchida, I. (1998). A Lesson is Like a Swiftly Flowing River: Research lessons and the improvement of Japanese education. American Educator, Winter, 14-17 & 50-52.

  • Planned Educational Change in Japan. Lewis, C., & Tsuchida, I. (1997). Planned Educational Change in Japan: The shift to student-centered elementary science. Journal of Educational Policy, 12(5), 313-331.

  • Beyond Fourth-Grade Science: Why do U.S. and Japanese students diverge? Linn, M., Lewis, C., Tsuchida, I., & Songer, N. (2000). Educational Researcher, 29(3), 4-14. Contact info@lessonresearch.net for further details about accessing this article.



Updated: January 19, 2011