Lesson Study Group at Mills College


Catherine Lewis

Catherine Lewis is the current director of lesson study research projects funded by NSF and IES and is a senior research scientist at Mills College. Catherine comes from four generations of public school teachers. Fluent in Japanese, she has conducted research in Japanese and U.S. schools for 25 years. Her writings and videotapes, including Lesson Study: A Handbook of Teacher-Led Instructional Change and 'Can You Lift 100 Kilograms?' have introduced many U.S. educators to lesson study. A graduate of Harvard University (B.A.) and Stanford University (Ph.D.), she  is the author of more than 40 publications on elementary education and child development, including the award-winning book Educating Hearts and Minds: Reflections on Japanese Preschool and Elementary Education (Cambridge University Press, 1995).

Shelley Friedkin

Shelley Friedkin joined the Mills College Lesson Study Group in 2000 as Project Coordinator, a position which allowed her to oversee many facets of project management.  In 2008, she joined the research team, where her responsibilities include: school site liaison, management of data collection, and participation in developing and testing a conceptual model of teachers’ learning during lesson study. Shelley graduated from Brunel University in England with an elementary teaching credential and taught in Central London before coming to live in the U.S. She received her Doctorate in Education from Mills College.  Her interests include teacher learning, professional noticing, and teachers’ use of data during practiced-based professional development.

Kevin Lai

Kevin Lai is a research associate in the Mills College Lesson Study Group. He is responsible for performing both qualitative and quantitative data analysis for the group. He received his doctorate in Education with an emphasis in mathematics education from University of California, Davis. His dissertation focused on collaborative learning about geometry for student investigation of quadrilaterals. He also worked as a postdoc in the WISE (Web-based Inquiry Science Envronment) group at UC Berkeley. His interests are mathematics education, technology, and student collaboration.

Angela Dosalmas

Angela Dosalmas is a research associate in the Mills College Lesson Study Group. Angela received her M.A. and doctorate in Education from UC Santa Barbara. Her dissertation explored the stories forty-four high school students told about mathematics, the narratives their stories were situated in, and the positions these made available the students as learners. Previously, she worked as a postdoc/lecturer in the RCME (Research in Cognition and Mathematics Education) program at UC Berkeley, as an adjunct at Holy Names University and as a Mathematics and Technology Specialist/Curriculum Developer. Angela's interests range widely, but tend to center around the social construction and discursive production of identity and the role narratives play in (re)producing inequities, particularly in the STEM arena.


Kathy Emerson

Kathy Emerson is a research associate in the Mills College Lesson Study Group. She received her masters and doctorate in Social Psychology from the University of Illinois and Indiana University, respectively. Her research has focused on identifying social cues--like group-level beliefs about intelligence--that shape the experiences of women and racial minorities in educational settings. Her interests include students' and teachers' beliefs about intelligence and math ability, student problem solving and persistence, and approaches to reducing the performance and representation gaps.


Elizabeth Baker

Elizabeth Baker, MS, MPH, Ed.D. is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Mills College and the Acting Director of the Mathematics and Science Credential Program in the School of Education. She teaches the methods courses for preparation of secondary mathematics and science teachers. Mills College was one of the first credential programs to use lesson study in the preservice education of teachers, and Baker has studied and honed the lesson study approach over time, making it the capstone event of the credential program. She has also been an active catalyst and researcher of a number of mathematics and science lesson study groups throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


Julie McGrew

Julie McGrew is the Budget Manager for the Mills College Lesson Study Group. She manages the group's budgets, research materials and media resources. Prior to joining the Lesson Study Group, Julie worked in advertising for 15 years, managing media planning for a diverse group of clients and accounts. She obtained her B.S. in marketing/advertising at Bowling Green State University, OH.



Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart is the Project Coordinator for the Mills College Lesson Study Group. She is responsible for day to day administrative operations, event planning, and assists in the implementation of lesson study in school sites. Ashley graduated from Mills College in 2009 with a B.A. in English. Ashley has worked in public relations, publishing, and as a freelance writer and editor. Her interest in education stems from her time as a student in a Bay Area charter school that focused on peer collaboration and project-based learning.