Teaching Through Problem-solving (TTP)

This course provides a structured, in-depth look at Teaching Through Problem-Solving, an approach that builds students’ mathematical knowledge, reasoning, and dispositions through problem-solving.


10-12 hours

Overview | Course Overview

Welcome to the Teaching Through Problem-Solving (TTP) online course. Teaching Through Problem-Solving is an approach to mathematics teaching that allows students to build mathematical reasoning and habits of mind as they learn each topic in the mathematics curriculum.

What Will I Learn in this Course?

In this course, you will:

  • Examine Teaching Through Problem-Solving: its purpose, how it supports students to learn mathematics, and how to use it in your classroom
  • Examine a TTP mathematics lesson, through video and materials from an experienced practitioner
  • Plan a topic from your own curriculum using the TTP approach

Each session may include:

  • a preview of the session’s learning goals
  • session content via videos, readings, and other interactive material
  • questions or other tasks to help you reflect on your learning

What is the Course Structure?

The course is divided into three modules, each consisting of a number of shorter inquiries.

Course Structure Estimated Time Needed to Complete
Module 1: Introduction to TTP 1 hour 15 minutes
     1.1: Teaching Through Problem-solving Overview 20 minutes
     1.2: How TTP Relates to the Curriculum 10 minutes
     1.3: The 4 Phases of a TTP Lesson 45 minutes
Module 2: TTP Instructional Routines 2 hours 25 minutes
     2.1: Board Organization 6o minutes
     2.2: Student Reflective Journals 25 minutes
     2.3: Discussion 60 minutes
Module 3: See TTP in Action 2 hours 10 minutes
     3.1: Explore the Content 60 minutes
     3.2: Board Organization 10 minutes
     3.3: Teacher Questioning 30 minutes
     3.4: Neriage (“Kneading”) Discussion 15 minutes
     3.5: Student Reflective Journals 15 minutes
Module 4: Try TTP in Your Own Practice 4 hours 30 minutes
     4.1: Study 90 minutes
     4.2: Plan 90 minutes
     4.3: Teach
60 minutes
     4.4: Reflect
15 minutes
     4.5: Next Steps
15 minutes

Here you can find a printable version of this table, with a column added to check off topics as you complete them. We recommend maintaining the order of the modules, but there is flexibility to do the course:

  • Independently or with colleagues
  • In a few longer work sessions or many shorter work sessions