Is your Lesson Study work supporting your team’s professional growth?  This section provides three different lenses on this question. 


Lesson Study Phases focuses on the learning that occurs during each phase of the cycle.

Growth Dimensions focuses on the different types of growth Lesson Study should support, including growth in knowledge, beliefs,  agency, and collegial learning culture.

Knowledge Integration zeroes in on how knowledge growth occurs, using research on Knowledge Integration Environments as a framework.

Each section includes video clips.  Most clips are drawn from two elementary school teams conducting Lesson Study on fractions, supported by the mathematical resources in our Fractions Resource Kit.

With acknowledgment and appreciation to:

Hillcrest Elementary School, San Francisco, CA


Lesson Study team members: Karen Cortez, Lana DiQuattro, Ashley Hughes, Izamar Vazquez, Abby Woodworth, Lawrence Wong

John Muir Elementary School, San Francisco, CA


Lesson Study team members: Sara Liebert, Melinda Nokes, Justin Stoddard, Steven Tamsky, Whitney White