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Lesson Study in Preservice Elementary Mathematics Courses: Connecting Emerging Practice and Understanding

Chapter from L. Hart, A. Alston, & A. Murata (Eds.), Lesson Study Research and Practice: Learning Together.


Teacher education programs have long struggled to find the best way to prepare quality teachers, and research has shown that teacher educators face several challenges. Lortie (1975) uses the term ‘apprenticeship of observation’ in explaining how teachers’ own schooling experiences shape their beliefs about teaching, and ultimately how they interact with students in their classrooms. Brouwer and Korthagen (2005) stipulate that teachers become socialized into the profession, adopting more traditional models of teaching that are consistent with the culture at most schools, despite the kind of experiences they have had in teacher education programs. We must question how much influence the teacher education program can have on teachers given that such socialization is a strong factor impacting practice.


preservice teaching, book chapter