Catherine Lewis


Catherine Lewis, Senior Research Scientist at Mills College, directs instructional improvement projects funded by NSF, IES and private foundations. Fluent in Japanese, she wrote the first English-language articles about Lesson Study and has introduced many educators to Lesson Study through her writings and videos, including Lesson Study Step-By-Step: How Teacher Learning Communities Improve Instruction and Can You Lift 100 Kilograms?  The randomized controlled trial of fractions Lesson Study she conducted with Rebecca Perry significantly improved students’ fractions proficiency. A graduate of Harvard University (B.A.) and Stanford University (Ph.D.), she is the author of more than 80 publications on elementary education, child development, and instructional improvement, including the award-winning book Educating Hearts and Minds: Reflections on Japanese Preschool and Elementary Education. Catherine comes from three generations of public school teachers.


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