The meeting tools and Teaching-Learning Plan Template will help your team stay organized and carry forward your learning.

10-20 minutes
  • View the Teaching-Learning Plan template and agree on how team members will access it as you record your planning
  • Agree on how you will store and share your team’s materials, including schedule, agenda, notes, resources, Teaching-Learning Plan, and other documentation of your work
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    Download the Teaching-Learning Plan Template

    The Teaching-Learning Plan is central to Lesson Study. Our template will help you create that plan.

    Accessing the Template

    Your team will use the Teaching-Learning Plan to capture what you learn as you study the curriculum and content and as you plan the unit and lesson. Take a quick look at the Teaching-Learning Plan now, so you will be familiar with it for future reference. Decide where your team will store the Teaching-Learning Plan. Many teams save it to a shared Google folder where team members can collaborate online.

    Click the link below to open the document in Google Drive. You will be prompted to make a copy of the document for your own use. If you prefer, you can also download the template as a Word document to collaborate in a more traditional fashion.



    Gather Meeting Tools

    Keeping track of your team’s work is an important part of successful Lesson Study.

    Choose a Platform for Materials

    We suggest that you agree now on how your team will record, share and store the following information:

    • meeting schedule (including updates, reminders, etc.)
    • meeting agendas
    • meeting notes
    • resources (research readings, standards documents, etc.)
    • the Teaching-Learning Plan
    • documentation of your work, if desired, so you can present it to other educators (some teams like to use the PowerPoint template below)

    Some teams like to create a virtual environment (e.g., a Google Docs folder) to store all of the team’s documents. Others prefer to print hard copies and create a binder for each team member.