1.Read Video Background Information (below, on left)
2.Download the transcript (below the video clip) and move it to a corner of your screen for note-taking (or print, if you prefer).
3. Watch the video (using password sent) and use the transcript to note moments where you see teachers learning in ways that might lead to improved practice.
4. Use the survey to submit your ideas about the learning moments; it will ask for transcript numbers and a brief explanation of the learning moment.

Video Background Information

This video clip is from a lesson study team’s planning meeting just before teaching a large public research lesson (to which about 100 outside educators had been invited). Grade 2-3 teachers at an urban elementary school were joined (for this final meeting only) by an outside mathematics specialist who would serve as final commentator on the research lesson. Within a grade 3 unit on multi-digit addition, teachers identified the following problem of practice: students’ “superficial understanding of place value. We want to push their conceptual understanding of place value so they develop a strong number sense and deeper understanding of number structure.” Teachers wrote that “students are able to say the name of the place value…identify the value of a given digit…decompose numbers” but “struggle to show multiple representations of a number…subtract numbers where regrouping is needed….” The team planned to provide a number place value chart and the problem 356 + 432. The outside specialist questions them about their rationale and then suggests a different approach, showing visuals of 356 and 432 objects and asking teachers to justify how they know how many objects are pictured.

Video Clip