1.Read Video Background Information (below, on left)
2.Download the transcript (below the video clip) and move it to a corner of your screen for note-taking (or print, if you prefer).
3. Watch the video (using password sent) and use the transcript to note moments where you see teachers learning in ways that might lead to improved practice.
4. Use the survey to submit your ideas about the learning moments; it will ask for transcript numbers and a brief explanation of the learning moment.

Video Background Information

The first video clip shows a student find the scale factor between two similar triangles. The student uses the center of dilation, rather than corresponding sides, to find the scale factor.

The second video clip shows teachers discussing the student solution method, just after watching the clip and discussing the video debriefing prompts. Teachers have also completed a a math task (Representations & Tools PPT, Session 1, slide 6) in preparation for viewing the clip.