1.Read Video Background Information (below, on left)
2.Download the transcript (below the video clip) and move it to a corner of your screen for note-taking (or print, if you prefer).
3. Watch the video (using password sent) and use the transcript to note moments where you see teachers learning in ways that might lead to improved practice.
4. Use the survey to submit your ideas about the learning moments; it will ask for transcript numbers and a brief explanation of the learning moment.

Video Background Information

This was the second Mathematics Studio of the 2016-17 academic year at a middle school in Southwest Washington. Participants include 5th-8th grade teachers plus one high school teacher, a district instructional coach (facilitating), two secondary preservice teachers, and one researcher-participant. The Studio focus for the day was: (1) Improving student discourse; and (2) What is it about fractions, or about division, that is difficult for students? The group observed two implementations of fractions lesson in the same 7th grade classroom. The lessons grew out of the attached worksheet, “Which represent 7/5ths and how do you know,” which was revised prior to first implementation and again for the 2nd lesson. The discussion in the clip occurred near the end of the day in response to the prompt, “What questions do we have now after seeing two distinctly different classes and have some understanding of what students know?” Teachers discuss a representation (see attached “triangles”) that elicited responses of 5/7 (number of shaded triangles) vs. 5/8 (area of shaded triangles).

Video Clip