Conduct a Lesson Study Cycle on Fractions

Step 4: Examine Video

Step 4 provides video to spark thinking about the design of your fractions unit.

  • To start, revisit the beginning of the 3B fractions unit (pages 57-64) and imagine how you might teach it.
  • Read over Akihiko Takahashi’s lesson plan for a series of three lessons based on this textbook segment.
  • Watch the video from Dr. T’s lessons (taught to grade 3-5 students in California). It will useful to print out the lesson plan and the table below, to have them as reference while watching.
  • Watch Lesson 1 (stopping at 8:11 and 9:42 to consider questions in the chart below)
  • Watch Lesson 2 (stopping at 4:40 and 8:40 to consider questions in the chart below)
  • Watch Lesson 3 (stopping at 13:35 to consider the questions in the chart below)If watching the video online, you can see the timecode by moving the cursor over the lower part of the video.

Analysis of TTP Lessons: Introduction to Fractions, Akihiko Takahashi

We suggest points to stop [STOP] and consider preceding questions.