Find out how much time lesson study requires and set your meeting schedule.
  • Set the schedule for your team meetings, research lesson, and post-lesson discussion and reflection
An elementary-age male student points while his female teacher stands beside him and observes

Budgeting and Planning Your Time

Set your meeting schedule in advance so you know exactly what to expect.

How Much Time Does Lesson Study Require?

Try to allow at least 10 hours for a Lesson Study cycle–preferably in sessions spread over time. The sample schedule below illustrates how time might be allocated across the cycle:

Cycle Stage Number of Sessions (1 to 1.5 hour sessions) Session Activities
PREPARE 0-2 sessions Develop norms, roles, and schedules. Learn about Lesson Study
STUDY 3-4 sessions Study standards, curriculum, and research
PLAN 3-4 sessions Plan the unit and research lesson, and conduct a mock-up lesson
TEACH 30 minutes +
1 class period
Pre-lesson discussion
Teach and observe the research lesson
REFLECT 1 session on same day as lesson.
1 session up to 1 week later
Post-lesson discussion
End-of-cycle reflection meeting
If possible, schedule Lesson Study meetings for the entire school year in advance so you need not interrupt the work of each meeting to schedule the next meeting. Setting the research lesson date in advance will help you pace your work and allow you to schedule substitutes and outside specialists.

How Many Cycles Should Your Team Do?

If possible, team members should commit up front to conduct two Lesson Study cycles, since the process usually becomes more comfortable and useful with experience. Two or three Lesson Study cycles during a school year is typical for a Lesson Study team.


Sample Schedule for a Lesson Study Cycle