An agenda will help your team stay focused and on track.
  • Adopt a standard meeting agenda that will help you work efficiently
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Agendas Keep Your Team on Track

Because collaboration is integral to Lesson Study, an agenda helps focuses the team on the same goals.

Gather Agenda Items

An agenda will help your team stay focused, and a system for keeping notes will help you carry forward your learning. Many groups like to keep their meeting notes at the bottom of their agenda, as our template shows. If you prefer to have notes in a separate document, agree on how you will name and store the notes so they are available to all team members.

The designated facilitator for each meeting should think in advance about the agenda items for that meeting and any needed materials. Many teams like to use the last few minutes of their meeting to build the agenda for the upcoming meeting, since next steps are fresh in mind. A sample agenda with guidelines appears below. A fillable agenda template for your use is provided in the Resources section at the end of this step.

Time Agenda Item
1 minute Choose Roles Assign team members to each needed function, e.g., facilitator, note-takers, time-keeper.
1 minute Review Norms Choose one or more norms to monitor during the meeting and reflect on at the end.
variable Review notes from last meeting
variable Today’s Content Work on today’s topics. Facilitator and team members should place agenda items here in advance of meeting and review and update as needed.
5-10 minutes Meeting Summary Summarize decisions, any assignments, and build tentative agenda for next meeting. Decide on facilitator if not pre-designated. Summarize major decisions or learnings and make notes to capture them. Build a tentative agenda for next meeting. Reflect on norm(s), how they worked in practice, and whether any changes in norms are needed to ensure the group functions well.
Meeting Notes:
Action Items: What Who
If possible, schedule Lesson Study meetings for the entire school year in advance so you need not interrupt the work of each meeting to schedule the next meeting. Setting the research lesson date in advance will help you pace your work and allow you to schedule substitutes and outside specialists.

How Many Cycles Should Your Team Do?

If possible, team members should commit up front to conduct two Lesson Study cycles, since the process usually becomes more comfortable and useful with experience. Two or three Lesson Study cycles during a school year is typical for a Lesson Study team.


Sample Schedule for a Lesson Study Cycle