Developing the Role of the Final Commentator

This mini course provides the essential ideas behind the role of the final commentator.  Explore experiences to develop your own practice as a final commentator.


5-10 hours

Module 2 | Developing Your Role as a Final Commentator

Develop Your Practice

To develop your own practice as a final commentator, we suggest the following:

  1. choose a topic and grade level from the list below
  2. download and review the unit/lesson plan and write down some key ideas to support the focus of your observation when you watch the lesson
  3. watch the classroom clip/s from the lesson and take notes
  4. use your notes and consider any key issues you want to highlight as you prepare your final comments and write a brief presentation plan, then
  5. watch the final comments provided for the lesson you selected and compare these comments with your own thinking, noting how you might add to or revise your reflections.


Grade Level Unit/Topic Unit/Lesson Plans Lesson Highlights* Final Comments
2 Using a diagram to identify the operation to solve a word problem Lesson Plan Lesson Clip
(trt: 12.30)
Comments by Akihiko Takahashi

Multiplication of a whole number by a decimal Lesson Plan Lesson Clip 
Comments by Akihiko Takahashi
(trt: 20.15)

Ways of counting and mathematical expressions Unit Plan: Day 2 lesson clip 
Comments by
Phil Tucher(trt:13.47)