Plan | Step 7:

Confirm Research Lesson Day Responsibilities

Finalize your Teaching-Learning Plan and confirm logistics for the research lesson day.


20-40 minutes

  • Read over the Teaching-Learning Plan and imagine the experience of a colleague reading it for the first time
  • Update the Teaching-Learning Plan as needed, based on students’ recent learning, mock-up lesson, or other factors
  • Divvy up responsibilities for the research lesson day
Three teachers listen thoughtfully to someone speaking out of frame


Finalize the Teaching-Learning Plan

The Teaching-Learning Plan is designed to capture and share your team’s thinking and learning. In this step, you’ll put the finishing touches on your plan.

Make Final Adjustments

The Teaching-Learning Plan captures what you have learned so far in the lesson study cycle, for your team’s use and to inform other educators.

Read over the Teaching-Learning plan and identify any sections that need to be updated. For example, make sure that the Background and Research section (#3) and the Rationale for the Design of Instruction (#4) capture your team’s learning to date, and that  the Research Lesson Goals and Plan (#8 and #9 on the Plan template) reflect what you learned from the mock-up lesson. It may also be necessary to adjust the Unit Plan to reflect the actual progress of the learning by the target class.  The gaps between what you initially planned and what unfolded can be informative to readers of the Teaching-Learning Plan.


As needed, update the Background and Research section (#3), Rationale for the Design of Instruction (#4), Goals of Unit (# 5), Unit Plan (#6), Goal of the Research Lesson (#8) and Research Lesson Plan (#9).

Do a Final Read-through

As you do a final read-through of the Teaching-Learning Plan, try to imagine the experience of a first-time reader of your plan. Can the reader understand what you learned about the topic and its teaching-learning? Can they understand why you designed the unit and lesson as you did, and what data to collect during the lesson?

Teaching-Learning Plans can take on different styles; we have provided some examples of plans created by experienced Lesson Study practitioners.


Example of Lesson Plan (1)
Example of Lesson Plan (2)


Confirm Lesson Day Responsibilities

Divvy up responsibilities for the research lesson day, so that the research lesson instructor is well-supported, the day flows smoothly, and you have good records of your learning.  

Split Up the Work

Since the teacher teaching the lesson already shoulders considerable responsibility, other group members may want to take charge of the support tasks in the list below. If your research lesson is to be observed by people beyond your immediate planning group, it is beneficial to ask someone outside your team to facilitate the post-lesson discussion, and to add a pre-lesson discussion (about 30 minutes; see Teach, Step 1) to familiarize attendees with the Teaching-Learning Plan and observation process.

Tasks Related to the Teaching-Learning Plan

Assign a team member responsibility for each of the following tasks:

  • Review and finalize the Teaching-Learning Plan.
  • Send the Teaching-Learning Plan to the final commentator (at least 3-4 days in advance of the research lesson, or as agreed at the outset).
  • Copy the Teaching-Learning Plan and any data collection tools for the team and any additional observers.

Tasks Related to Teaching the Research Lesson

  • Make or obtain lesson materials (e.g., handouts, poster paper, lesson tools)
  • Prepare students for extra observers, by letting students know that teachers are focused on improving lessons; they will be closely listening to students, for the purpose of learning from students how to improve lessons.
  • Check student consent, if recording video.

Tasks Related to the Research Lesson Day

  • Create an agenda for the day (see the example provided below).
  • Designate note-taker for the post-lesson discussion.
  • Designate facilitator for the post-lesson discussion (check out Reflect Step 2)
  • Inform the school and observers about the logistics of the day


Sample Agenda for Research Lesson Day